The Power of

Music and Audio Magazine


PMA Magazine is an audio-enthusiast incubator designed to help every segment of the audio industry succeed.

Our mission is to inform, entertain, create a need, and, ultimately, steer music listeners to your brand, your store, your magazine, your show,


Do you personally know an influencer that could help?

If you know a famous or semi-famous customer, friend, friend-of-a-friend, who’s into audio and willing to talk about it, we would love to interview that person for PMA Magazine.

In fact, it would be a great help to our project if each member could bring us at least one such person every year.

AIA will constantly be on the lookout for influencers and celebrities ready to talk about how they discovered hi-fi and how important it is to their lives.

This is how we’ll be able to talk to the general public about audio gear, brands, and the retailers who helped turn music lovers into audio aficionados.

We welcome influencers from around the world, English-speaking or not.


It takes momentum to create a snowball effect

It's by banding together that we'll be able to increase the visibility that has always eluded our industry.

We at AIA will work hard to make this new project successful. But success doesn't happen overnight. Once we've begun to build momentum through the number of followers we will have accumulated together, each of us will stand to benefit.

One of our major goals is to have a large enough bank of followers that 3rd party companies, such as streaming services, music labels, and manufacturers of musical instruments, will come to us for the opportunity to share our content.


PMA Magazine will create content for music lovers everywhere

+  Interviews with personalities / influencers (artists, celebrities, athletes, businesspeople, politicians, etc.).

+  Podcasts and YouTube videos to reach different demographic worldwide.

+  Essays about the power of music and audio.

+  Advice, biographies, think pieces, music reviews, and more.



Freelance writers wanted -

No need to be an audio specialist. Maybe you’re a student of Arts & Letters, a journalist, a playwright, or a person who loves music and audio — as long as the passion and sincerity are there, we are happy to consider your work.

To submit your work or a query, click here.

We will also accept articles not written in English, to be printed in their original language and translated to English for publication (translation service provided).