To sustain itself, AIA will require that AIA members pay a nominal yearly membership fee of about $20 week.

However, considering how hard this year has been for many of us in the industry, AIA is offering a FREE limited 2020 membership to new members.

With your membership, members have access to:


+  50% Price reduction on advertising space in PMA Magazine.

+  A showcase section in PMA Magazine to post new product introductions.

+  A showcase section in PMA Magazine to post upcoming events.

+  The Barter Room on AIA’s Facebook page (on invitation only), to barter with others, offer

services, share referral worldwide, fill a need, and otherwise build business relationships

and make friends.

+  Sections in both PMA Magazine and on the AIA website for audio publications to be listed

and hyperlinked to.

+  Access to the largest market of our industry’s history.

+  Access to video conference about Best Business Practices from different leaders of our industry.



To receive your FREE limited 2020 membership, click here.